CFYT Radio School


With funding support generously provided by the Community Radio Fund of Canada CFYT Radio, in partnership with Yukon College, will be offering a series of workshop with a focus on new media and with the ultimate goal of encouraging community involvement in the station and local broadcasting. Click here to select a course and REGISTER NOW!

CFYT Radio Training
An introduction to the equipment, policies and procedures  at CFYT radio. Students will undergo all the training necessary to host their own show as well as receive an introduction to some of the more advanced techniques, such as remote broadcasting and using the phone patch.

Intro session 1 May 9, 5-6pm
Advanced session 1 May 11, 5-6pm
Intro session 2 May 23, 5-6pm
Advanced session 2 May 25, 5-6pm


Introduction to Social Media May 9,11,16,18 6-8pm
Instructor: Chris Healey
Course Fees: $10
This course has two components: Introduction to Networking Platforms will teach students the basics of publishing content online and understanding the expectations of different online audiences. Social Media Workshop will give students hands-on production experience with posting, formatting and live blogging to CFYT’s social media accounts.

Module 1. Introduction to Networking Platforms
The big three: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
Other platforms for blogging, micro-blogging and live broadcasts onlinE
The online neighbourhood: search engines, robots and you.
Who is your audience type?
Ethical and privacy concerns for photos, videos and sharing.
What platforms work well with photos.
Marketing your show online —developing your story and persona.

Module 2. Social Media Workshop
Visual Storytelling.
Best practices in formatting information for posting.
What kind of posts are best suited to what platforms.
Leading with questions / calls-to- action
Hashtags, categories, liking and reblogging demystified.
Getting the image from your computer / mobile device to the web
How much is too much and how much is too little—and when.
Case studies, engagement metrics and analytics.

Basic Reporting for Radio and Print May 23, 25, 30 June 1 6-8pm
Instructor: Chris Windeyer
Course Fees: $10
The course will teach students basic principles of reporting and writing news and current affairs with a focus on the local. It will also explore best practices and issues in journalism ethics. As well, the course will touch on using social media to cover news and promote a reporter’s work.

Course will cover:
What makes news?
What do you want to write about?
Basic newswriting for web and radio
Sources and attribution
Using social media to cover news
Best social media practices for promoting your work
Curating your social media experience (or, don’t feed the trolls)

Introduction to Podcasting
Instructor:Dan Dowhal
Course Fee: $10
This course has two components: Introduction to Audio Editing will teach students the basics of digital audio and how to trim, splice, and adjust audio files, as well as how to mix audio, including speech, music, and sound effects;. Podcasting Workshop will give students hands-on experience with planning, recording, producing, and distributing podcasts.

Module 1. Introduction to Audio Editing June 6,8 6-8pm  June 12 3-5pm
Digital audio basics (audio waveform, stereo vs. mono, sampling rate, bit rates, file formats)
Audacity interface overview
The timeline
Normalizing sound
Cuts, fades, cross-fades
Filters and effects
Multiple tracks and mixing

Module 2. Podcasting Workshop June 13,15 6-8pm June 19 3-5pm
Using a field recorder
Using remote microphone set-ups
Background noise and sound quality
Scripting your podcast
Release forms and intellectual property
Adding music and narration
Rendering the final podcast
Packaging, promotion, and distribution