Welcome to CFYT 2.0


CFYT-FM is modernizing!  We are building capacity to do more automated local programs featuring curated playlists, original and syndicated podcasts and more live events. This is in addition to our regular, on-air programs delivered by volunteers.

The Canada Radio Funded sponsored a Volunteer Radio School this summer.  The training focused on social media, pod casting and story development.  The Community Development Fund funded a new broadcast mixing board.  And Great River Air has helped us do a complete make over the station.

June 24 and 25, 2016 we broadcast live radio drama.  We aired the “Klondike Cabin Companion” in partnership with KIAC and the Friends of the Palace Grand.  The play will be  made available as a podcast and rebroadcast throughout the year.  This is an example of what modernization means and how CFYT fits into community life.

We encourage volunteers to step forward and participate in CFYT 2.0.  Contact us at cfyt@gmail.com

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