Meet Our Station Manager


Jonathan Howe

Hailing from the musical omnibus that is the wooded hillside of West Dawson one word perfectly describes Mr. Manager: totally awesome.

Descending upon the CFYT radio station via umbrella like a less manly Mary Poppins, Mr. Manager offers up a musical spoonful of sugar for the soul each week Mon-Wed 1-5pm.  From thrashcore polkas to Handel’s B sides, Mr. Manager truly delves into the depths of the Western musical cannon.

Since arriving on the radio station scene Mr. Manager has spent his time alphabetizing late 20th Century vinyl, increasing and hanging his extensive personal collection of dry erase whiteboards, and perfecting the perfect turkey gravy.

Tune in to hear Mr. Manager’s whimsical musings or stop by the station to talk early Olmec politics; he is at home on a backhoe as he is a World War II German U-boat.